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Our Story

I’d spent years with other shaving products.  One even promised that it was 'The best a man could get'.  Instead, it just gave me an irritating, itchy rash. That’s why I started OSCAR Natural:  I simply wanted a better shave.

I had discovered the concept of shaving oil during a trip to England one year.  It was a revelation. The result is OSCAR Natural Shaving Oil.  I launched it in Coles and Priceline in 2008.

I love shaving oil, it is a personal favourite. I love the smooth feeling and moisturising effect of the all-natural ingredients on my face after the shave.  I accept, though, that many men prefer shaving gels.  And so I applied the same principles to develop OSCAR Natural Shaving Gel. It had to be as natural as possible, and at a reasonable price.

And if you wonder why I’ve added my face to the website. It’s because I think too many of today’s brands are faceless. I’m prepared to put my name where my product is. I believe in OSCAR Natural. I use it. I love it. 

I hope you love OSCAR Natural too. 

Happy shaving.

Oscar de Vries
Founder & CEO