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OSCAR Sensitive Makes Christian – and His Wife! – Happy

Not many people write to say how their wives react to OSCAR (it does make you smell nice!) so this email from Christian, who is 37, married with two kids, and lives in Brisbane, made my day.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your shaving oil.
I previously used ‘King of Shaves’ sensitive oil since I suffer with shaving rash; your product (Sensitive) was on the shelf in my local Coles supermarket and on a special offer. After using the ‘King of Shaves’ oil for approx 5 years I was hesitant to swap to another oil. The packaging and information shown on the packaging sold your product to me, good clear information and well presented.
To put it simply, I was amazed, not only at the easy to use pump dispenser on the bottle, but the smell of the oil is divine, even my wife commented on the aromatic flavours that you can almost taste! Your oil gave me a great shave with no clogging of my razor blade, no shaving rash and no need to apply moisturiser after my shave.
Thank you for a fantastic, natural product.

Thanks, Christian – and I’m glad your wife is happy! :)