Eric in Singapore Bought Six Bottles and Shared Them with Family

I love this story from Eric in Singapore as it’s one I hear frequently: people are hesitant to use a shaving oil but once they use OSCAR, they’re hooked. Here’s Eric’s story (just as he wrote it):

I found by chance the oil in Australia during a trip there. The thing is that I am using normally gel but on that day I forgot my gel and shaver in Singapore.
I asked a colleague of mine to buy some and he brought me the oil. I was disappointed at the beginning but had no choice but to try. Before leaving Australia, I was amazed and convinced. I bought 6 bottles and started to share it with my French friends and relatives. They loved it too.
This product is a revolution. It is environmentally friendly, does not need a big amount of water, makes your skin smooth, helps to keep a blade longer . . . and a bottle lasts a long time.
But it has a barrier: People must try it first a couple of times to get convinced!

Amen Eric!